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Field connection flagpole
The segmented detachable technology, a flag-raising device and its transmission technology, and a 360-degree downwind ball crown technology are adopted. Available in detachable and tapered shapes. The material is made of high-strength pure aluminum alloy material or stainless steel as the flagpole tube. It has light weight and high strength. The most advanced fluorocarbon spraying technology used on the surface of the flagpole makes the surface texture of the product evenly flat, highly ornamental, protective and weather resistant. Strong. Its highly intelligent self-checking system and highly automated control technology, combined with 360-degree downwind rotation and strong typhoon design, are greatly affected by various factories, mines, enterprises, living quarters, stations, customs terminals, schools, stadiums, high-end hotels, city squares. Such as the favor of high etiquette places.
Electric flagpole principle: An electromechanical integrated flagpole-driven movement is installed inside the electric flagpole. During the work, the flagpole-driven movement replaces the manpower to raise the flag to the designated position at the top of the flagpole.

360-degree downwind ball crown device: The application of the flagpole technology is designed to make the red flag not collapse or even knot the red flag in the downwind condition. This device has high design precision, flexible rotation and long service life.

No need for collar: The flagpole ball cap is equipped with a guide hole and a tensioning structure to make the flagpole and the pole have no contact. It is always in balance, there is no friction noise between the pole and the pole, and the spherical crown rotates more flexibly, which makes the flagpole as tall and straight. Spectacular.

Sectional detachable structure: multi-section removable flagpole, which has the advantages of detachable section, convenient transportation, no welding, convenient assembly on site; high standardization of products; plug-in connection ensures a straight and unobtrusive appearance. Of course, it is also possible to select a conical one according to the customer's requirements, and the flexibility and variety can be freely selected by the user. For example, all the flag poles of the Universiade use a conical integral flagpole.

Middle ball joint connector: The use of the middle joint of the flagpole makes the flagpole resistant to strong typhoon and unharmed. The whole exterior is composed of 48 triangular faces, which resembles the Oriental Pearl. Of course, in addition to the appearance of the flagpole, it is a big role. Users bring a stable experience.
  A flag-raising device and transmission: The general flagpoles use a variety of transmissions, so the life of the flagpole will be greatly reduced. A variety of transmissions not only hoist the rope when the flag is raised, but also the power is large, the noise is loud, the rope is easy to rub each other, the assembly is difficult, and the transmission efficiency is low. The flagpole takes these issues into consideration, and it is also the latest patented technology.

The flag-raising operation mode of the electric flagpole is realized by operating the button switch matched with the flagpole, such as remote control and panel.

Remote control flag-raising function: In order to meet the different requirements of the user for the flag-raising operation mode, the flagpole is equipped with a remote control function, which realizes the remote control of the flag-flag raising process. The remote control distance can reach 50 meters, which greatly facilitates the user's operation.

Advanced automatic control technology: In order to meet the special requirements of the flag-raising process accompanied by the beginning and end of music, the electric flagpole has set the flag-raising time-course control function. For the flagpoles of different heights, the flag-raising speed can be adjusted as desired. The flagpole has a high degree. The self-checking can accurately calculate the height of the flagpole and calculate the speed of the music, and obtain an accurate flag-raising speed, so that the time taken by the flag-raising process is consistent with the time of the music playing, and the flag can be freely delayed. Joint control function.

Stroke control function: The electric flagpole control system is equipped with two protections of proximity switch and photoelectric switch to ensure accurate positioning and stop when the flag is raised and lowered, which makes the whole mechanism run reliably and accurately.

Power loss manual operation function: When the electric flagpole encounters power failure, the user opens the movement operation door with the key, and can use the crank core of the crank that has been spared to easily complete the flag raising or flag reduction.
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