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1Q: What is the general flagpole installed for a few meters?
A: The flagpoles installed in kindergartens are generally 8 meters and 8.8 meters. It is generally used in primary schools, middle schools, and high schools with 12 meters and 12.8 meters. The hotel building is 12 meters and 12.8 meters. The size can be customized according to the actual requirements of the customer.

2Q: How many flags are loaded?
A: Generally, one, three, five, etc. are usually decided according to the occasion.

3Q: Is the flagpole stable?
A: The general flagpole can resist the 12-level typhoon. It is not a man-made reason. Generally, the flagpole will not be problematic.

4Q: What should I do if the wire rope is broken?
A: The wire rope is broken and can be replaced. We can buy the flagpole accessories.

5Q: How is the price of the flagpole calculated?
A: The flagpole is to calculate the price according to the customer's actual meter and size.

6Q: What material is good for stainless steel flagpoles?
A: The mainstream high-end flagpole materials in the general market are all made of 304 stainless steel.

7Q: How long is the motor warranty for the electric flagpole?
A: The motor warranty period is one year.

8Q: What is the size of the electric flagpole?
Answer: The lower diameter of the electric flagpole must be more than 210MM to put in the motor. For details, please refer to the flagpole parameter table.

9Q: What is the shape of the flagpole?
A: The flagpole has a tapered shape and a knuckle type. But the mainstream high-end products are produced by tapered one-piece molding technology.

10 Q: What is the payment method?
A: Firstly, 30% of the advance payment will be placed for production, and the deposit will be arranged immediately after receiving the deposit. Pay the balance before the flagpole is installed.

11 Q: Will the flagpole be difficult to install?
A: We have the installation instructions and the technical instructions of the master, and the general installers can complete it.

Question 12: What is the surface treatment method of the flagpole?
Answer: The surface of the flagpole is stainless steel brushed surface, one is beautiful, and the other is to prevent rust.

13Q: What should I do if the logistics outside the province is too long?
A; there are two ways to ship. 1. Parallel transportation, welding to the destination customer site. 2. Screw sleeve connection.

14Q: Will logistics crush the flagpole?
A: The logistics we ship is long-term cooperation. If we find that the flagpole is crushed, the loss is borne by logistics.

15 Q: Why choose our flagpole?
A: We are a professional manufacturer of flagpoles. Only our equipment can pull out the flagpoles. And we have a professional sales team and after-sales team, so that customers can buy peace of mind and peace of mind.

16 Q: Can the flagpole be arranged for the master to install?
A: We can send masters to install instructions in the 3rd corner of Guangdong Zhujiao to collect workers' fees. If it is a province, it is recommended to ask local workers to install it.

17Q: Is the flagpole tied with a rope or can't see the rope?
Answer; The flagpole is divided into an external flagpole and a built-in flagpole. The external one is tied to the outside of the rope, and the built-in flagpole is the wire rope inside, which is more beautiful and generous.

18Q: What is the distance between the flagpole and the flagpole?
A: The distance between the flagpole and the flagpole is generally 1.5m-2m. Depending on the situation, if it is too narrow, it will cause the flag to wrap around.
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