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Our Advantages

  Complete quality control, quality assured, from raw material procurement, production process control, to finished product inspection, packaging and delivery, each product is meticulous and careful, to ensure that the parts are qualified, so that the products fully comply with national standards, so that users can rest assured.

Tailored to meet the needs of different customers, the company can customize a series of products for different purposes and different packaging according to customer needs.

The material adopts a large-scale steel first-grade product and refuses to return the charge to cause product defects.
CNC machining equipment to ensure product accuracy and service life.
The production process is one-stop, from material entry to processing completion at a glance.
All personnel has qualification certificates, and the welding standards conform to national standards.
Product testing is in accordance with national standards and is tested before leaving the factory.
Advanced packaging technology to prevent damage during transportation
Professional logistics and distribution services, efficient, guaranteed and affordable.
  Standing stock, complete specifications, the fastest delivery in the same day.
Transportation and installation of one-stop, professional team installation and commissioning.
Undertake infrastructure to save customers time and expenses.
Fast after-sales service, quick response in the same province.
Small profits but quick turnover, affordable.
Accept custom, welcome to OEM, call to discuss.

    User's evaluation of us    

"18.88 meters 5 flagpoles erected at the entrance of the hotel, immediately felt solemn and tall, and the professional flagpole pole professional"

Midea Marriott Hotel

"We have to install more than 100 street light poles in rural areas. We used to be cement pillars and irons. Life is too short. Now we use stainless steel, practical."

Foshan Nanzhuang Town Village Committee

"The flag-raising ceremony of our city gymnasium is to use their flag-raising system. Many large-scale events come down and the products are super stable."

Dongguan City Gymnasium, Guangdong Province


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