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Built-in and external flag raising method for stainless steel flagpole

The electric stainless steel flagpole can be used to control the flag according to the button or remote control. Play music and music to become bigger equipment, fully automatic flag raising to make the international songs when the stainless steel plate motor is raised to the flag, more prominent in the atmosphere, the flag, plus the large equipment, is the flag, the speech on the flag.
The stainless steel plate cone flagpole makes the five-star red flag flutter according to the flag of a strong air pump and hair dryer. When it is more cheerful, the wind will be windy. It is usually applied to the room or the covered area, and the required area. The flagpole downwind positioning device is made up of a unique device, the five-star red flag and the five-star red flag are not easily encapsulated in the wind's ation around the flagpole. The red flag eventually flies with the wind. The accurate positioning of the flag is very easy to follow the change of the flagpole in the wind, not only the five-star red flag can not float, is not conducive to the brand image, the five-star red flag is difficult.
This is the traditional flagpole used to raise the flag and lower the flag. The stainless steel plate cone flagpole is based on a custom hand-cranked device to manipulate the flag's rise and the precise positioning of the flag, while the flagpole is hidden on the flagpole, not to be besieged by heavy rain. The flag rope is made of stainless steel plate 316 galvanized steel wire rope, which is sturdy and durable.
At this stage, there is a new type of fully automatic magnetic induction rotating stainless steel flagpole, which is a new type of easy-to-use stainless steel plate cone type flagpole, which is very popular among customers in the sales market. The new fully automatic rotating flagpole with the wind includes the base of the flagpole and the mast body on the base of the flagpole.
The flagpole is fixed in the rolling bearing, the all-plane bearing ring of the stainless steel flagpole base and the flagpole base mentioned above, the rib plate of the stainless steel flagpole base and the rod body, and the motor and automatic control system under the flagpole base, the top of the flagpole itself Equipped with a wind controller, it has a data signal receiving device and an automatic control system for data signal transmitting devices.
The flagpole motor wind-sensing switch has a data signal receiving device and a data signal transmitter corresponding to the automatic control system. The rotating rod of the invention patent can rotate the flag pole according to the magnetic induction device to adjust the ation of the flag to be the same as the natural wind, and prevent the flagpole around the flagpole, resulting in high and low unevenness. Together, the electric flagpole automation technology has a high level.