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Foshan stainless steel flagpole maintenance expertise

Foshan stainless steel flagpole maintenance expertise
The use of the flag pole will also cause common faults. It is the duty of some flag-bearers to grasp the basic common sense of some Foshan stainless steel flag poles.
1. The flag pole does not move, the manual electric type can not raise the flag normally, and it is found that the damage of the galvanized steel wire rope is serious, and the special type flag oil wire rope is replaced;
2. The red flag can't be lowered, and it is found that the flag is broken with the weight bar, and the phone is used to find the manufacturer's master to replace it;
3. The red flagpole falls out and the weight bar is intact, and the red flagpole is fixed again;
4. When the flag pole is falling, the galvanized steel wire rope lock can be opened and the beads can be re-joined to prevent the card from being screened during the whole process of raising the flag;
5. Every six months, after removing the dust from the centrifugal fan, the wind moving flag can be used normally;
6. If you can remotely control the flagpole, you can't use all the normal lifts. Turn on the remote control and change the battery.
7. If the embedded flag rope is stuck, the red flag can't be lifted a little. If the control panel is still open, the national flag rope can't be properly disassembled, and the technical professional master repairs the national flag.
The left and right are the professional knowledge of the maintenance of some stainless steel plate flag poles that the flag pole manufacturer has reached out in the enterprise safety production.