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Guangzhou Baixin Hospital Flagpole Flag waving in the wind

December 20, 2018 is a good day. On the 19th anniversary of the return of Macao to the motherland, Guangzhou Baixin Hospital also ushered in an important day: the installation of the flag pole. Flat ground, brand new flag, straight flagpole, solemn ritual. On the day of December 20th, the square in front of the Guangzhou Baixin Hospital was a bit different...

Early in the morning, large trucks, crane trucks, cranes and jacks were turned in front of the hospital entrance. It was originally the staff of the Party branch of our hospital who coordinated the construction team to install the flag pole.

Party Secretary of Guangzhou Baixin Hospital once said: "The flag-raising ceremony is an identification of our great motherland. It is a solemn and sacred thing. Our party branch should be better established to build the party building and create a good environment for party building!"
Today, our hospital has implemented this task. Actively purchased the party flag, the national flag, customized installation of the flag bracket and flagpole to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the party branch; strengthen the sense of party members' sense of responsibility and ownership, and always adhere to the core purpose of "grasping the party building and promoting development."

After the team and the workers did not rest, it took a day to install the flag pole. Looking at the bright five-star red flag rising, fluttering in the wind, a sense of sacredness came to life. After the construction is completed, we will select a day to hold a solemn and sacred flag-raising ceremony.