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The meaning of the flagpole

The flagpole erected in Tiananmen Square has been replaced once. The first flag flagpole was the flagpole used by Chairman Mao in the 1949 founding ceremony to raise the flag, 22 meters high. The flagpole was rebuilt on May 1, 1991, with a height of 32.6 meters. The replacement of the flagpole is based on two considerations: First, the flagpole that has been standing for 42 years is indeed somewhat aging; second, the Tiananmen Square and Chang’an Street have undergone tremendous changes, and the tall and magnificent Great Hall of the People, the Historical Museum and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall were built. The height of the flagpole has been significantly lower, which is not in line with it.

The remodeled flagpole base is quite elaborate. It is divided into three layers: the inner layer is surrounded by a white marble railing of 80 cm in height, and the entrance and exit are 2 meters wide on both sides of the east and west. The second layer is more than 2 meters around the base. The wide ochre granite belt symbolizes the people's Jiangshan Bandai Red; the third layer is a 5 meter wide green belt, which is evergreen and symbolizes the prosperity of the socialist motherland. The flag base is surrounded by 56 yellow copper piers, which symbolizes that 56 ethnic groups are united in the heart and united under the national flag.