Aluminum alloy spinning flagpole

Item No.: ZDQG04
The product is permanently rust free. Spinning processing has a variety of shapes and a variety of surface treatment processes.
Aluminum alloy spinning flagpole
(highly customizable)

product description:

The spinning type aluminum alloy flagpole is manufactured by using foreign advanced spinning equipment and using the coreless technology of the coreless core.

The product is permanently rust free. Diversified surface treatment process makes the appearance lines simple and smooth.

The new flagpole makes up for the shortcomings of traditional flagpoles, such as rust, simple style, rough surface, high mold opening cost and no environmental protection. It is widely used in European and American countries. At present, we can not only produce regular styles, but also design and produce according to customer's specific requirements. It has a complete assembly line equipment from raw material processing, rod forming, strength treatment and surface treatment. The rod body is not welded and is integrally formed at one time.

The company's aluminum alloy tapered flagpole production process:

Use 6063 industrial aluminum alloy equal pipe as raw material (to ensure the strength and roundness of the material when the rod is made in the later stage)

Adopt CNC spinning technology (to ensure the roundness of the rod body)

After high temperature quenching treatment, artificial failure, the rod body reaches the T6 state. (further increase the overall strength of the aluminum alloy rod)

The surface is anodized or fluorocarbon sprayed (to ensure the overall corrosion resistance of the rod).


High quality aluminum tube does not rust. High-quality aluminum alloy construction profiles ensure the corrosion resistance of the product in the natural environment;

Light weight. The aluminum alloy flagpole adheres to the characteristics of high strength and light weight of aluminum. The flagpole of the same specification, the weight of the aluminum flagpole is only 1/3 of the iron or stainless steel flagpole; it is easy to install and                    transport; the surface is smooth and flawless. We use high-quality aluminum tubes as raw materials, and the surface of the flagpole is smooth and delicate, which perfectly presents the metallic color of aluminum alloy;

Surface treatment process:

Anodized surface treatment. After anodizing, the product forms a 20mum closed film layer to ensure the corrosion resistance of the flagpole in any natural environment, and to ensure that the rod has no obvious discoloration within 25 years.

Polyester powder sprayed surface treatment. The surface of the flagpole can be sprayed with colored polyester powder, which has bright color, UV resistance and no fading.

The rod body can be recycled and reused 100%, the melting temperature is low, and the energy saving and emission reduction responds to the national policy.

Applicable places: residential areas, squares, parks, schools, commercial streets, etc.

Brand Zhidong flagpole
place of origin Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Types of Aluminum alloy spinning flagpole
Material 201 304 316
delivery time product available
Place of delivery Shunde Chencun
Monthly production 3000 m / month
Minimum order quantity 1 meter
payment method T/T, L/C, D/P
——Product parameters——
S/NO Height Thickness Top OD Base OD
1 8≤H<10 Meter 4.0 85 152
2 10≤H<12 Meter 4.0 85 178
3 12≤H<14 Meter 5.0 85 201
4 14≤H<16 Meter 5.0 85 228

——Product display——
Manual flagpole   Electric flagpole   Aluminum alloy welding flagpole
——Six advantages——

1.High quality material

2. 360° downwind
3. Anodizing process 4. Group upgrade function
5. Automatic frequency conversion flag blowing function 6. National Anthem Auto Accompaniment
——Flagpole accessories——


Built-in manual device   Flagpole downwind ball head


Flagpole hanging flag beads   Built-in flagpole rocker
——about us——

Zhidong Metal Products Co., Ltd  Located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Guangzhou, it enjoys superior geographical and transportation advantages. It is a modern factory integrating creation, design, construction and wholesale. The company has a group of professional and technical personnel, and introduces advanced production equipment from abroad, and is committed to making flagpoles, light poles and other products. Launch, aluminum alloy, stainless steel cone flagpole, electric flagpole. The cone-shaped flagpole built by the department combines domestic and foreign technology, and adopts the imported electric program-controlled miniature flag-raising computer operating system, which is arranged in the internal structure of the flagpole to ensure that the flag-raising speed is consistent with the duration of the national anthem, after 20,000 lift experiments. Victory flagpoles are used in all walks of life.

——Installation process——
1. Preparation of embedded parts 2. Lead the power cord from the control box through the middle of the embedded part 3. Flagpoles are ready to hoist at the scene
4. Install the flagpole and prepare to install the manual control system. 5. The flagpoles are straightened to ensure a straight line 6. Complete the installation
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