Aluminum alloy welding flagpole

Item No.: ZDQG03
Aluminum alloy flagpole, strong anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion
Aluminum alloy welding flagpole
(highly customizable)

product description:

Aluminum alloy flagpoles are also highly environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, and have a much lower melting temperature than steel, responding to the call for global energy conservation and emission reduction. With its smooth lines, smooth and delicate surface, rich surface treatment and corrosion resistance, environmental protection and safety, aluminum alloy flagpoles will surely be recognized by more and more customers.

Welding aluminum alloy cone flagpole production process:

     ♦Using 6063 industrial aluminum alloy sheet as raw material

     ♦CNC cutting and bending technology (to ensure the roundness of the shaft)

     ♦After the combination of experienced aluminum welding technology, high-speed sanding and drawing.

     ♦The surface is coated with fluorocarbon (to ensure the overall corrosion resistance of the rod).


The flagpole of the Chinese flag is mainly made of steel tapered rods. The appearance of aluminum alloy flagpoles undoubtedly represents an avant-garde. Aluminum alloy flagpoles are quite mature products in Europe and the United States, such as France, Poland, and the Netherlands. Now we introduce aluminum alloy flagpoles into China, which will completely change the situation of foreign aluminum alloy flagpoles due to high prices and long lead times. For the sake of safety, the EU has now mandated that new road poles and the replacement of old flagpoles must use aluminum alloy flagpoles, and this regulation has gradually been implemented. This is because when the moving vehicle hits the aluminum alloy body, the aluminum alloy flagpole will bend in the same direction, so that the vehicle can be buffered, the car will not stop in an instant, and the person inside the car will not fly out of the window. And because of its own toughness, the aluminum rod will not hurt the passerby due to the break. We have won the trust of our customers with perfect design, excellent quality and reasonable price.

Brand Zhidong flagpole
place of origin Foshan, Guangdong
Types of Aluminum alloy welding flagpole
Material 201 304 316
delivery time product available
Place of delivery Chencun, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
Monthly production 3000M/month
Minimum order quantity 1M
payment method T/T, L/C, D/P
——Product parameters——
S/NO Height Thickness Taper ratio 1000:10
1 6≤H>7Meter 4.0
2 7≤H>8Meter 4.0
3 8≤H>9Meter 4.0
4 9≤H>10Meter 4.0
5 10≤H>11Meter 4.0
6 11≤H>12Meter 4.0
7 12≤H>13Meter 4.0
8 13≤H>14Meter 4.0
9 14≤H>15Meter 4.0
10 15≤H>16Meter 4.0
11 16≤H>17Meter 5.0
12 17≤H>18Meter 5.0
13 18≤H>19Meter 5.0
——Product display——
Manual flagpole   Electric flagpole   Aluminum alloy spinning flagpole
——Six advantages——

1. High quality material

2. 360° downwind
3. Fluorocarbon spraying process 4. Group upgrade function
5. Automatic frequency conversion flag blowing function 6. National Anthem Auto Accompaniment
——Flagpole accessories——


Built-in manual device   Flagpole downwind ball head


Flagpole hanging flag beads   Built-in flagpole rocker
——about us——

Zhidong Metal Products Co., Ltd Located in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Guangzhou, it enjoys superior geographical and transportation advantages. It is a modern factory integrating creation, design, construction and wholesale. The company has a group of professional and technical personnel, and introduces advanced production equipment from abroad, and is committed to making flagpoles, light poles and other products. Launch, aluminum alloy, stainless steel cone flagpole, electric flagpole. The cone-shaped flagpole built by the department combines domestic and foreign technology, and adopts the imported electric program-controlled miniature flag-raising computer operating system, which is arranged in the internal structure of the flagpole to ensure that the flag-raising speed is consistent with the duration of the national anthem, after 20,000 lift experiments. Victory flagpoles are used in all walks of life.

——Installation process——
1. Preparation of embedded parts 2. Lead the power cord from the control box through the middle of the embedded part 3. Flagpoles are ready to hoist at the scene
4. Install the flagpole and prepare to install the manual control system. 5. The flagpoles are straightened to ensure a straight line 6. Complete the installation
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